Meet Christopher Pickup, the Hybrid's biggest fan!

Introducing Christopher Pickup... A loyal Toyota Scarborough customer and a huge Hybrid & EV enthusiast!

Alongside his daughter Nerys, Christopher has created a Youtube channel dedicated to their adventures in different Toyota Hybrid models. From walk-around videos of new models, to documentation of their Hybrid adventures, as well as sneak previews of the latest Hybrid models, Christopher and Nerys have explored it all. However, This couldn't be done without the help of Toyota Scarborough! Steve Rowbotham, Centre Principal at Toyota Scarborough, often gives Christopher and Nerys exclusive access to the Toyota Hybrid range, allowing them to test drive the vehicles before anyone else and give an honest review. Most recently, they were lucky enough to be the first to drive the RAV4 Hybrid and we're keeping our eyes peeled to see their opinion of the RAV4 Hybrid!

Toyota Scarborough are more than happy to help Christopher and his daughter create the videos, and Centre Principal Steve says: "Christopher is a lovely guy and it's really nice to be able to help him and his daughter pursue their passions and educate the benefits of Hybrid vehicles. We always enjoy welcoming them both to Scarborough and watching their latest videos online!"

Thank you to Christopher & Nerys from all of us at Vantage Toyota for helping to spread awareness of Toyota Hybrid vehicles! We look forward to welcoming you back to Scarborough soon to create more videos!



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